The Winter Festival
January 28-29, 2017

MSR Cresson, TX, Driver School / Triple Regional Races / Club Trials

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This race will be running the MSR 1.7 mile course counter clockwise.

Driver School Classroom Session Friday Jan. 27, 6 PM - 8PM. All School Drivers must attend.

Friday, January 27, 2017
Track Sponsored Test & Tune 9‐5: $175
Please sign in and register at Track Office
(Test & Tune will be restricted to no passing in corners) (817) 512‐3162

Polar Prix Majors
February 11-12, 2017

Texas World Speedway, Majors & Double Regional / Club Trials

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This race will be running the 2.9 Mile CC Road Course

TWS Open Track Day for Friday, February 10, 2017 Online registration at:

2016 SWRRC Champions

Name Class Region
Tom Himes AS Champion Delta
Thurman McDaniel AS-2nd Place Hou
Mike Langlinais AS-3rd Place Delta
John Phillips B-Spec Champion Hou
Andrew Entwistle T1 Champion Tex
Kevin Maley T1-2nd Place Hou
Wade McBride T1-3rd Place Tex
Eric Ritchey T2 Champion Hou
Donald Sweitzer T2-2nd Place Hou
James R Smith T2-3rd Place Hou
Lowell Huston T4 Champion Hou
James Marshall GT1 Champion Tex
Ian Powell GT2 Champion Hou
Dave Kagan GT2-2nd Place Hou
John Vining GT2-3rd Place Tex
Joseph Gersch GT3 Champion Hou
David Canitz GT3-2nd Place Hou
Charlie Vehle GTA Champion Hou
Larry Svaton GTL Champion Hou
Serena Stephenson GTL-2nd Place Hou
Kenneth Hiebert STL Champion Hou
Billy Roberts STL-2nd Place Tex
Diane Carter STL-3rd Place Hou
Bryan Gregory STU Champion Hou
Roy Johnson STU-2nd Place Hou
Daniel Duncan STU-3rd Place Hou
Rick Kosdrosky EP Champion Tex
Jon Stautberg EP-2nd Place Hou
Matt Blehm EP-3rd Place Hou
Bryan Gregory FP Champion Hou
David Stautberg FP-2nd Place Hou
Aldora Louw HP Champion Hou
John Trenery Jr HP-2nd Place Hou
Whitney Strickland SRF Champion Hou
Mike Littrell SRF-2nd Place Hou
Terry Clyburn SRF-3rd Place Hou
Jason Glover SRF3 Champion Hou
Richard Stephens SRF3-2nd Place LnSt
Johnny Meriggi SRF3-3rd Place Hou
Derek Coughlin P1 Champion Hou
Peter Outarsingh P1-2nd Place Hou
Marvin Hodges P2 Champion Hou
David Zavelson FA Champion LnSt
Cliff Maxwell FE Champion LnSt
Karl Markey FM Champion Hou
Paul Ravaris FM-2nd Place Tex
Raymond Westbrook FM-3rd Place Tex
Bruce Ceveny FF Champion Hou
Randy Acock FF-2nd Place Hou
Charles Hearn FV Champion Hou
Frank Folbre III FV-2nd Place Tex
Mike Rogers FV-3rd Place SwLa
Jason Rikke ITE Champion STBR
Camden Jones ITJ Champion Tex
Jason Glover SM Champion Hou
James York SM-2nd Place Hou
Matthew Davis SM-3rd Place Tex
Ivan Curiel SP Champion Hou
James Marshall SP-2nd Place Tex
Marlon Cook LG Champion WTX


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