Regional Class Rules

Spec-Boxter Rules: 2011 SowDivSCCA SpecBoxster (PDF)
Spec-RX7 Rules: 2008 SRX7 Rules (PDF)

Improved Touring E (ITE)

Cars eligible for ITE are production based cars with fenders and doors that are not currently eligible for any other SCCA club racing class. Cars entered in ITE must meet minimum safety standards of the 2008 GCR and Improved Touring Category Specifications, ITCS, including all items in Section 9.1.3, ITCS. Suitability of any car for ITE is subject to the approval of the Chief Steward and Chief Scrutineer.

The maximum engine displacement for normally aspirated cars is 3,500 cc. Turbo-Charging or Super-Charging is allowed with a maximum displacement of 2,500 cc. Rotary engines are limited to two (2) rotors.

Baby Grand (BG)

Baby Grand cars must be equipped with the optional Road Race package and meet the current “Baby Grand Race Specification Rule Book” as published by Baby Grand Manufacturing, Inc. In addition, the GTCS requirements for windshields, window safety straps, and windshield supports must comply with the
2011 GCR sectioins 9.3.53 (for windshields) and 9.3.55 for wondow safety straps and windshield clips.

Grand Touring America (GTA)

GTA is a SOWDIV regional class in 2009. View the GTA class rules (PDF).

Rules updated 07/17/2008