ECR Paddock speed limit

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ECR Paddock speed limit

Post by fm47 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:36 pm

The paddock speed limit for ECR is 5 mph as listed in the supplements. I am fully in agreement with keeping the speed in the paddock at a safe speed but this seems to be a little low for some cars. Depending on gearing, this is not a speed that is possible with my car. I do not have the luxury of towing my car and will be in jeopardy of exceeding the speed limit with each trip to and from the grid. 12 MPH would be a better speed limit for us on small tracks and 16 MPH at large tracks(such as TWS and TMS) and is still slow enough to be safe in the paddock. It is everyone's responsibility to remain safe in the paddock area and that includes all of those walking around who need to be aware that race cars are moving about.

Darryl Wills

Chris Taylor
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Re: ECR Paddock speed limit

Post by Chris Taylor » Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:51 am

Darryl, as you may have noticed we don't exactly set up speed traps in the paddock... with that said, most tracks also have their own paddock speed limits posted and set. That may be the reason for the lower limit at ECR vs. TWS but that's for somebody else to answer. Generally speaking if you keep your speed at a reasonable pace you'll be fine (i.e. barely above lugging the car in first or second depending on gearing). I did see one FM at TWS a few weeks ago that was nowhere near any of the speeds you posted on the back paddock road.

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