Lone Star Grand Prix, Hoosier Super Tour

The Lone Star Region Grand Prix is a Southern Conference Super Tour, SWRRC Points, Runoffs Eligible.

Friday - TEST DAY: Track Test Day will be hosted by Edge Addicts. The Track Test Day is NOT covered under SCCA Sanction

ENTRY FEES: Entries received after February 2nd will be subject to a $50 Late Fee.

PADDOCK AND GARAGE RESERVATION: Competitor Garages available to paid entrants only for $1,500 for the weekend. Garages may be reserved during online registration. Only rented garages assigned by Registration may be used.

GOLF CART RENTALS: Contact KC Golf Cart Co., Andy Leiker at andy@kcgolfcartco.com; 785-925-0006 kcgolfcartco.com

COTA has imposed a 103db sound restriction. Be prepared to comply with this rule.

RV PARKING and RV Lot Rental: When space is available, RV Parking is permitted in the Paddock. RV Lot Rental is also available in the designated RV Lot and must be reserved in advance. Contact: Michael Simmang-512-655-6290, michael.simmang@thecircuit.com

Temporary SCCA Medical Requirement Change

This is for RENEWALS ONLY whose license and medical have not lapsed for more than 6 months. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the suspension of non-urgent healthcare visits at this time, the requirement for a physician approved SCCA medical form has been temporarily waived. If you have not experienced any significant change in your health and fitness, please complete a new Applicant’s Medical History Form. Download the form here and submit it as you would your SCCA Medical Form. This will extend the current medical on file for your renewal period. Once your healthcare provider resumes normal physical exam appointments, please complete and submit a signed SCCA medical form and we will update your record accordingly. Currently, this waiver applies to license renewals only with an expiration date of on or before March 31, 2021.

For new competition license applications, a full and complete physical (signed by a physician is required).