The Southwest Division of the Sports Car Club of America (known as “Area 7”) is made up of 9 separate SCCA regions in the Southwestern part of the U.S. Our purpose is to provide an information source for members of all the regions contained herein, with special attention being paid to the volunteer Club Racing Officials, whom we could not conduct Club Racing events without.

Racers from all over the state of Texas and Louisiana come together for Club Racing events and many regional autocrossers cross-pollinate to other regions outside there own. We hope to foster this behavior and increase the opportunities to members and regions of this division.

Regional Executive – Mike Blazek

Regional Executive – Gary L. Hebert, Jr.

Regional Executive – Zachary Fox

Regional Executive – Nadja Pollard

Regional Executive – Stephen Bryan

Regional Executive – Rachel Richard

Regional Executive – James Michael Clem, Jr.

Regional Executive – Matt Lucas

Regional Executive – Autumn Dinna Daniel