Become a Corner Worker

It’s easy to get started: check the specialties described, contact the listed person & tell them you’re interested. They’ll provide information for the next membership meeting or SCCA race near you. Once you become a member of the club, you’ll be ready to hit the racetrack and start learning! You do not need any special license to work a club race event – working the events get you the experience in order to apply for your official license (the official license allows you to work Pro events).

Who Do I Contact?

You don’t have to contact anybody, but if you know what specialty you’d like to be a part of for any particular race, contact the Divisional Administrator for that specialty.

Here’s What You Get:

  • See racing “up close and personal” for FREE
  • FREE lunch both Saturday and Sunday
  • FREE dinner, softdrinks, and beer at Satuday night party
  • FREE Training

Here’s What To Bring:

  • Bring your SCCA membership card!!!If you are not yet a member, but want to try out working races, you can get a temporary membership and the club will foot the bill for it. If you have a new membership card, you will need $2 in order to have a picture taken and have the card laminated.
  • Wear white pants or jeans and a white, COTTON long-sleeve shirt (Don’t wear polyester…it tends to melt when it touches hot car parts). The white outfit keeps you from looking like the flags you may be displaying and identifies you as a corner worker.
  • Leather work gloves – helpful after a day of holding flags and when pushing cars (race cars can be hot where you least expect them to be!)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Water or something to drink (water is provided, but you can’t have too much)
  • Chair for those short intermissions between races – nobody is allowed to sit during the races.
  • Rain gear in case it rains – SCCA does not stop racing if it rains.

Try to be at the track by 7:00. First, you have to register, so head to registration (the small building in front of the track under the Miller beer sign). There will probably be a line of folks out the door – just walk past them and into the building since that long line is for drivers to register. Workers have a separate table where they register…just ask someone inside if you wonder which one it is. You will need your SCCA membership card that you received in the mail when you became a member – or tell the folks that you would like to get a temporary membership in order try things out. Sign the waiver form that basically says you are here because you want to be here and you understand the risks (and rewards!). Afer that, meet at the start/finish line at (usually) 7:15am and the worker chief will assign all workers to positions. Be sure to introduce yourself to the worker chief and tell him if you have any special requests, like you may want to be a starter, grid, timing and scoring or anything besides a corner worker. All the worker/officials are great people and they make the whole event even more enjoyable. The Southwest division has some of the friendliest corner workers around and we’re always happy to see a new worker in our midst.

Where do we race locally?
There are a number of tracks in the Texas area.  There are tracks in Houston, Austin, Dallas / Fort Worth Area.