Regional Class Rules

Spec-Boxter Rules: 2019 SowDivSCCA SpecBoxster (PDF)
Spec-RX7 Rules: 2019 SRX7 Rules (PDF)

Improved Touring E (ITE) Cars eligible for ITE are production based cars with fenders and doors that are not currently eligible for any other SCCA club racing class. Suitability of any car for ITE is subject to the approval of the Chief Steward and Chief Scrutineer.

Cars eligible for ITE must meet the following ITE Cal Club Rules, updated July 5, 2006:

1) Any tub chassis production vehicle running with DOT tires.
2) Preparation Rules: International Sedans may modify the floor pan/rocker panel sections.
3) Cars must meet the Showroom Stock or IT safety requirements of the current General Competition Regulations

(Revised 5/10/2019)