Southwest Division Club Racing Track Records

Dive into the heart of Southwest Division Club Racing with our track records. Discover the fastest qualifying and race times across all classes.  These records tell the story of champions and the relentless quest for speed in every class.

Track Download
MSR Cresson 1.7 CCW PDF (updated 11-13-22)
Eagle’s Canyon New Configuration 2.7 CCW PDF (updated 05-06-24)
MSR Houston 2.38 CCW PDF (updated 12-13-2023)
Circuit of The Americas 3.4 CCW PDF (updated 02-12-2020)
NOLA Raceway 2.75 CW PDF (updated 3-7-2018)
Eagle’s Canyon 2.5 Mile CCW PDF (updated 03-23-14)
No Problem Raceway 1.8 CW PDF (updated 06-27-2005)
Texas Motor Speedway 2.3 CCW PDF (updated 05-16-2012)
Texas World Speedway 2.9 Mile CCW PDF (updated 05-31-2017)
Texas World Speedway 1.8 CCW PDF (updated 07-12-2005)
Texas World Speedway 1.8 CW PDF (updated 03-12-2006)

Accuracy matters! If you spot any discrepancies or have official results to correct our records, please reach out to our diligent track record coordinator, Diane Carter, by clicking on the button below. Let’s keep the racing community informed and records precise!