2023 SWRRC Rules

The purpose of the Southwest Road Racing Championship (SWRRC) Series is to provide and organize a Southwest Divisional Race Series for all competition licensed drivers of the Southwest Division of SCCA (SowDiv). The SWRRC points races will include all races that are within the Southwest Division and the newly established SCCA Southern Conference unless designated as a non-points race by the host Region.

1. Driver Eligibility:
A. All SCCA licensed drivers with a region of record being one of the nine regions within Southwest Division of the SCCA including SowDiv Novice permit holders with completed school requirements. B. Drivers must finish a minimum of four (4) SWRRC races during the championship season to be considered in the Championship standings. No exceptions will be made. C. Drivers must maintain a SowDiv Region as their Region‐of‐Record at the time Championship points are earned.

2. Class Eligibility:
ALL National and Regional class cars approved within the SowDiv are eligible for the SWRRC Series.

3. Points:
Points will be awarded on the following basis for each race: 1st‐25, 2nd‐21, 3rd‐18, 4th‐17, 5th‐ 16, 6th‐15, 7th‐14, 8th‐13, 9th‐12, 10th‐11, 11th‐10, 12th‐9, 13th‐8, 14th‐7, 15th‐6, 16th‐5, 17th‐4, 18th‐3, 19th‐2, 20th and below‐1. Must complete at least half (1/2) of the full race distance to qualify for SWRRC points. Points will be awarded based on a driver’s actual finishing position in‐class in all designated points races except at SowDiv Super Tour races where the SWRRC points will be awarded based on the driver’s finishing position against other SowDiv drivers only. All Southwest Division and Southern Conference Regionals, Restricted Regionals, Majors and Super Tour races that are run under SCCA Sanctions in the Southwest Division will be eligible for SWRRC points at the election of the Region or the Division/Conference. Only those races declared as SWRRC races will count for SWRRC points. The final race of each SWRRC racing season will be a Double Points SWRRC race. The SWRRC points report will be maintained at the Division level and the SWRRC is the only racing championship sponsored by the SCCA Southwest Division.

4. SWRRC Season:
Each SWRRC race season will start with the first SWRRC race scheduled after the season ending SWRRC Double Points Race. The final SWRRC Double Points of each year will be held prior to the National Runoffs of each year at a Track and Date agreed upon by the racing regions. Year‐end total points for championship: Drivers count their seven (7) best points races of the regular championship‐series season plus the year end SWRR Championship Double Points race. A maximum total of eight (8) races will be counted for each class championship by each driver. In the event of a tie for any position within the divisional championship, the tie breaker will be the driver with the most class wins during the championship season. If a second tie breaker is needed, this will be the driver with the most 2nd place finishes in the championship season.

4. Championship Awards:
SowDiv will provide year‐end awards to the eligible drivers finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the year‐ end points for each class. Each 1st Place driver in‐class will be awarded a Champions Jacket or equivalent.

5. National Runoffs via Division Points:
To be eligible for an SCCA National Runoffs invitation utilizing the SWRRC path, drivers must participate in a minimum of four (4) declared SWRRC points races and be in the top three positions in‐ class point standings for their respective class, except SM and SRF3, where the top 5 will be invited. Drivers who qualify for the Runoffs through the SCCA Super Tour or Majors participation within any of the designated Conferences will be ignored when determining who is eligible for a Runoff invitation utilizing the SWRRC points standings. For example, if the top two drivers in‐class in the SWRRC qualify for the Runoffs based on their participation in the same class in the Southern Conference Super Tour/Majors series then the drivers who are in positions three, four and five would be eligible for Runoff invitations through the SWRRC path as long as they meet the participation guidelines.

6. Year End SWRRC Awards:
Funding for Year‐End Awards: All SWRRC points races will collect $5 per participating driver/car class under each Sanction Number from the Host Region. The Host Region will forward to the SowDiv treasurer, within 30‐days of the race, a check for the required amount.

7. SWRRC Administration:
The SWRRC program will be under the direction of the SowDiv Executive Steward and the SWRRC Committee. The members of the SWRRC committee will be the Official Race Chairs from each of the racing regions within the Division or as appointed and approved by each racing region that has sanctioned a Southwest Division race event in the previous year. An additional SWRRC committee At Large Member is to be elected or appointed by the SWRRC committee and will be the SWRRC Committee Chairman. The Executive Steward will vote only if needed as a tie breaking vote. The SWRRC will be responsible for reviewing and updating the SWRRC rules as needed and will coordinate race event scheduling within the Southwest Division.

8. Treasurer:
The SowDiv Treasurer will be the SWRRC Treasurer.

9. Points Keeper:
The SowDiv Points Keeper will be the SWRRC Points Keeper.